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A mother and daughter, Newport, Wales, 1988, by Martin Parr.

is that cishet thing real what

It is very depressing satire


I’m going to go ahead and say that this track and Parallel are some of the best IDM compositions ever written.

where do babies come from



When a cis scum loves another cis scum, but a more oppressed cis scum they mash their socially constructed genitals together until the privileged cis scum fills the oppressed one with his cis cum and 9 months later a baby is squeezed out and is designated a gender by a cissexist piece of shit doctor.
Hope I helped

what's their hair color :p


Anon if you’re going to do this right you need to pen an ambiguous note with hearts and leave it in my desk

Ice Race BGM

Song I finished for a game soundtrack. Just playing around really

What is the 1st letter of a 1st name of someone/someones that you have a crush on?


Real life N, net life undefined because I don’t know their name